Conforming to ADA standards requires places of public accommodation and commercial facilities to be designed, constructed, and altered in compliance with accessibility standards.

Examples of steps to remove barriers include, but are not limited to the following actions:

  • Installing Ramps
  • Elimanateing a Turnstile
  • Create Designated Accessible Parking Spaces
  • Providing Accessible Signage
  • Making Curb Cuts in Sidewalks and Entrances
  • Pride an Alternative Accessible Path
  • Widening Entrances
  • Parking Access Aisles
  • Truncated Domes

Use of State specific signs complies with special accommodations for disabled and handicapped parking signs. Selected quality grade signs that meet State & Federal MUTCD guidelines. Use engineer grade prismatic that offers superior daytime and nighttime brightness. Comply with new federal retro reflectivity requirements for black and yellow signs.

  • Handicap Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Road Signs
  • Restrictions Signs
  • School Signs
  • Traffic Signs
  • Access Signs
  • No Parking Signs
  • Speed Limit Signs

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