Operations at TARC Construction, Inc.

Luis Serrano – Superintendent

Meet Luis Serrano, the superintendent at TARC Construction, Inc. since 2016.  Luis was born in San Francisco, CA and raised in different parts of the globe. He started his construction career back in 1986 with a summer job that has turned out to be a wonderful career experience.  Luis is a “can-do” positive force with over 30 years of experience who now leads from the experience he gained working with his fellow coworkers, laborers, operators and great team leaders. Luis especially enjoys being a part of the TARC Team, and working alongside the president of the company. Luis embraces his role and responsibilities and describes TARC as the perfect company to work for, it puts all his experience to work – from meeting customers on job sites to running crews that deliver on every promise to meet or exceed customer satisfaction. Quality on every single job no matter how big or small it may be is as important as the next one, may sound like motto, but for Luis it is his passion. Luis’ trademark motto is “paving the planet one parking lot at a time.”


Dante Cavazos – Assistant Superintendent & Safety Coordinator

Dante “grew up” in the business – working at TARC since high school. Afterall it is his parents’ business, so he has been helping since the very beginning.  After college Dante came back to work for TARC full time; working his way up and dedicating himself to the company ever since. Dante feels the passion and enthusiasm each employee brings to TARC to make this company the best it can be and that makes him proud to be part of a successful family-owned business. Dante is never discouraged and plays to win – traits he used well while playing water polo in high school and college. Today, he is excited to come to work because each day brings a new challenge (or two) that he will need to solve, all of which makes sure his days are never boring. Dante values how everyone works together to reach business goals and he brings his thoughtful candor to the processes he puts in place to get everything done correctly.

Keith Hansen – Scheduler & Asset Coordinator

Meet Keith, he is the project coordinator here at TARC Construction.  He joined our team in 2017 and quickly moved up through positions until he found his talent in project coordination. He has helped TARC progress their coordination systems, and continues to create a smoother process for the company and crew on a daily basis. Keith comes into TARC every single day with a positive outlook and productive work ethic; he uplifts the office moral and is a wonderful addition to the team. Keith loves coming to work everyday and conquer all the challenges the day brings with the help of his close-nit team.


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